Hi ! My name is Tina, and I AM the Slightly Off Quilter ! I have been quilting since 2012 and from the moment I started I have never looked back ! it was like I had finally found that ONE THING I was meant to be doing all along.

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Giving Proper Credit

Here is a funny story, that just very recently got the ending it had been lacking !

Back when Jonathan first decided he wanted to make a quilt for the fair, I told him to ” look around Pinterest and… Continue reading

Playing With Prototypes

So for the past few months I have been sporadically playing around with a new pattern idea. This one was a bit tricky since it involves no repeating blocks. I also wanted it to scale well, so you could change… Continue reading

Ready For Arrival

I am all ready for the arrival of my newest nephew next month ! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a little boy in November and his quilt is ready and waiting for him ! The baby shower is… Continue reading


We all know that saying, about Karma being a bitch, but I am here to tell you she can also be a wonderful angel. It’s all about what you send out, that determines what comes back at you.

A few… Continue reading

Donation Progress

As you might be aware, my mother works for a nursing home in New Hampshire. Since I started quilting, I have made it a point to try and send up lap quilts for her residents who could use a little… Continue reading

Trip Around The World

Calling all quilters ! This may sound like an odd request, but I am in need of post cards !

As a homeschool parent, I try and make learning as interesting and interactive as I can for our 15 year… Continue reading

Safety First

Around here, you have to be very careful when leaving opened totes unattended. You have to be even more careful before putting the lids on them. Why you may ask ?

This is why !

That is not a piece… Continue reading

Warts And All

It has been 2 weeks since my last post. It is not because I have had nothing to show or talk about either. The sad truth of the matter is that I was waiting for something that will never happen.… Continue reading

Overhauling !

With all the excitement over putting together my first full pattern, I decided that it was time that the tutorials got a fresh overhaul as well, so everything would look like it matched ! I have made downloadable PDF files… Continue reading

OMGosh Its Real !

OMGosh, I am so excited to announce that my Beading Right Along pattern is now available for sale on Craftsy !

I designed and wrote this pattern in the exact same way as I did for my tutorials.

This pattern… Continue reading

Beading Right Along

I have mentioned my sister Deidre, on several occasions. She is the awesome jewelry maker of the family ! I have been wanting to make her a quilt for a while, but have been putting it off because I just… Continue reading

The Curse Of The Tablecloth

There is no denying it ! Christmas is coming, and there is NOTHING we can do about it, except start early ! As anyone who has EVER given home made for Christmas knows, we start making things MONTHS in advance… Continue reading

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