And She Is Finished !

After months of praying that nothing went wrong, and hours of quilting, and running to the store to get more fabric for flowers because i decided at the last minute it needed more. She is done ! I have sent in my registration paperwork for the local show Columbus Day Weekend, and now we wait !



Philly Fanatic !

That is what I am calling the latest project ! There is no more fitting name than that, since it proudly showcases all the Philadelphia teams !


This one is being made for someone who has become very close to my heart, and also happens to be the same friend I mentioned a few months ago who gave me the push to get back into the studio. He is a truck driver, so I wanted to make him something to help keep him warm on the long cold nights that are not too far off.

It measures roughly 62 x 70 so it should be just right for fitting the bed in his truck.

He did not want to see any of the work on it till I finished the top, and to say he loved it when he did is an understatement LOL.





Now to get it quilted so it can do the job it was made for !



It’s Growing On Me

I am not a big fan of photographs of myself. I really never have been. The other day while visiting my sister, this photo was taken.

Tina - 081215

Do you see what I see ? That’s a SMILE.. on MY face !

That is a sight that has been making more and more of an appearance of late, and I am happy to say that its growing on me.

While I was there, I grabbed a shot of the work in progress on the latest quilt, this time all spread out and the applique borders temporarily in place so you can see it in all its ” still not done but looking good ” glory !


More updates on other projects I am working on coming soon, stay tuned !

Just keep quilting … just keep quilting ..

It seems that little line has been my mantra for the past few weeks. I was reminded not long ago, that our local quilt show is this October. The show falls on odd numbered years, and given my state of mind the first part of this year, it had slipped my mind that I was planning on entering for the first time this year. I have been working steadily on what I think, is coming out to be one of the most impressive quilts to date, if i do say so myself ! My points are pointy and my borders are mitered ! Yes ! The first time I have EVER mitered a border in my life, and it came out pretty close to awesome.

With all the sewing, I have found myself taking pictures of my progress but never quite getting them posted, So I am going to post them all at once today ! LOL !

When I decided to take back to my studio, of course I spent a fair amount of time on the blogs , and Pinterest and forums to catch up on what was “new” in the quilting world. That is when I saw the craze that is the Disappearing Hourglass, from what i have gathered started at Missouri Star Quilting Co.   and I was in love !

So I took to EQ7 to work up some layouts and I had narrowed it down to these two, but could not for the life of me choose ! So whats a girl to do ? Facebook of course ! I presented both options to close friends and family and made them do the choosing for me LOL.

Time Flies v2 Time Flies

As you can see, my original goal was a twin size, with a space left for a name or some other sort of applique design. The majority won for the second layout with more prominent background spaces. So this was where I was headed… until… thats right, I changed my mind AGAIN ! But I am a female, and well, we all know how that saying goes !

I figured that if I was going to be entering this in my first show, I was going big or going home ! That meant it needed some more … UMPH ! And Umph it got !

Time Flies v3

I finally had a layout that I LOVED. It was time !

I grabbed the Batiks and the off-white / cream background and went to work !


Many Half Square Triangles were sewn !


And trimmed  !


Things were looking good !


All great rewards require sacrifice .. I sacrificed a small portion of my right index finger ( without getting a drop of blood on the fabric !  )


The hourglass blocks were made !


Then cut up and rearranged !


And sewn back together again with points so beautiful I almost cried !


The center section was completed.


The borders were added ( and mitered ! )


It was basted.. and the quilting has begun !


To say that my self confidence is growing by leaps and bounds with this quilt, is an understatement !

A Trio Of Finishes

I am so pleased to be able to bring you not one, not two, but THREE finishes !

It feels so good, after my recent hiatus, to finally feel back in the swing of things once again.

The first finish, and quilt #81, is actually a quilt makeover. My great uncle had a quilt on his bed, tho its origins are still a mystery to all of us, it was in poor shape, and in desperate need of being remade. Hi was recently diagnosed with dementia and was placed in a nursing home, so it was felt that using the same fabrics from the old quilt might be better than something he was not familiar with at all. So I salvaged the pieces that I could, and combined them with newer fabrics that worked and looked similar to what was already there.


The second finish, is a baby quilt for my cousin Jesse and his wife Kristin’s baby boy Parker.

I loved the Nautical line from Andover and it works so well for a little boy whose nursery was done in a bright nautical theme.


The final finish is for lovely little Emily, my cousin James and his wife Gina’s little girl.

I fell in love with the Flirt line from Dear Stella and while I had originally planned on using the line with a light grey background solid, being that it is for a baby, I am so glad that I went with white instead because it just makes the entire quilt look so soft and girly !


Now that all of the quilts I have had waiting in the wings to be finished are complete, I am so excited to be able to start working on some new projects that I have been scheming up in my mind and in EQ7 now for the past few weeks.

Stay tuned !

Trimming Things Up

Things are moving along nicely on the latest project, a baby quilt for a very special little girl who has been waiting way too long to have one !


After trimming up these 6 1/2 inch blocks things are starting to look pretty good !


Finally Finished

So as you know from the previous post, I have not been doing much sewing until fairly recently. I do have some finishes to show you tho !

This first one, was technically finished over the winter, I just never got a chance to deliver it to its recipient. That was corrected last weekend when I got to see her !


Here she is sleeping under her new quilt, and I am so glad she finally has it now !

At her baby shower, we all decorated the center squares and I turned them into this beautiful welcome quilt for her. The tilted squares were a nightmare, but I am so very pleased at the results. I used pink Bubble Minky as a backing, the first time working with that, it was not as terrible as I had thought, but I also kept the quilting straight SITD with my walking foot, so I think that helped !



The second finish was the fourth of the Memorial T-Shirt quilts I made for my Aunt, in memory of her Ex Husband and their son Zac.

You can see the three previous ones here : Full Circle


I used a soft plaid flannel for the backing on this one, which just adds to its cuddle factor.

I wish I had more photos to show you of these two and their creation, but alas, things being what they are, I am just glad that I have photos of the final product. For it means that they are no longer sitting around waiting to be finished !

Stay tuned, as I have another finish coming soon !

I may not be back to my full groove yet, but its coming along.

This Too Shall Pass


As many of you may have noticed, it has been some time since my last post. October of last year to be more precise. You see, life does not always follow the path that we expect it to. Just when the path we are on seems to be safe, and we can see no bumps or rough terrain ahead, suddenly we find ourselves stepping off the edge of a cliff we never saw coming.

At first I was not going to delve into the reasons for my hiatus, but it occurred to me that perhaps there is another, like me, out there, who might benefit from hearing it.

I had been in a relationship, for nearly 10 years, as of last October. We lived together, we raised my son together, tho he was not his biological father, he took on that role none the less. The first few years of that relationship were fairly good. It was after all, a new relationship. 2 years into the relationship He suffered an illness, that lead to other health complications. Things were rough, but we managed. Tho he was in a great deal of pain, he had refused to take narcotic pain medication, as he was fearful of becoming addicted to them. After almost a year of pain, he relented, and began taking prescription pain medication, as prescribed to him by his Doctors. Over time, the levels of these medications grew, and the side effects of them, became much more pronounced. He became quick to paranoia and anger. He began having more serious health complications, and while the pain medication levels rose, they did not seem to do anything to actually relieve his pain. It did not stop him from taking them however. His illness eventually made it nearly impossible for him to do many things, and I became his 24/7 care giver.

As you can imagine, the stress level of this situation, on him, as well as the rest of us in the house, was quite high. He became very verbally abusive. I was quick to let it slide, because he was after all the one that was ill, and under heavy medications. There were many times that I knew I should leave, as things progressed, and the verbal and emotional abuse increased, and the controlling nature became quite oppressive, but  I stayed. What kind of person would I have been to leave him now, when he was in such pain, and unable to care for himself. What kind of person would walk away from the man that claimed to love her, and leave him alone in his time of need? And so I stayed.

I stayed for other reasons as well. I had a teenage son to raise, and the very thought of raising him alone, was daunting. I knew that I could never afford to give him the life that we were living then. We were both on Disability at that point, but it was still a two income household. The thought of trying to live on just one of those incomes was beyond comprehensible. There was simply no way that I could afford to be a single mother. It was just words. He could call me as many names as he wanted, and say as many mean and hurtful things as he wanted, because i could always walk away and go to another room, usually my sewing studio, to get away from it when it got to be too bad. He had never raised a hand to me, not once in 10 years, and he made sure to instill that in my son as well. A man simply does NOT hit a woman, for any reason, ever. I felt safe, physically at least.

In October of last year, the camels back had finally taken one straw too many, and I found the courage to tell him, that I not longer wished to be in the relationship any longer. He did not take to this news very well, nor had I expected him to. He made promises to change, to be better, to stop being so controlling, and harsh, tho he never saw his words as being abusive, they were after all, just words. We had both signed the lease separately for our apartment, and so we talked about it, and decided that we would attempt to remain as room mates, until the end of our lease, which was not until July of this year, but we figured that after 10 years of being together, we could manage to be friends for a few more months, and save ourselves the cost of breaking the lease.

The holidays, were stressful, to say the very least. The verbal abuse, not only did not get better, it increased exponentially.

In mid January, an event occurred that made me finally realize that we were not going to be able to achieve our goal of remaining in the same house together.  Even after that event, I never once feared for my physical safety. Family members asked, if I thought it was safe to stay, and never once did I feel that I was in danger of him crossing that line.

Finally one night I attempted to begin to pack a bag, for my son and myself, with plans to leave that night, and go to stay with family, at least temporarily, until suitable arrangements could be made. He found me packing, and things crossed the line, into physical violence. If you have never fallen down a flight of stairs, let me be the first to tell you, that going down one flight, is painful. Going down two, is nearly unbearable. Tho the adrenaline does kick in rather quickly, and if you manage not to break anything, you do not truly feel the pain until hours, or days later.

My son was also involved in that nights affairs, as he attempted so valiantly to step in and protect his mother. I watched a 15 year old boy, turn into a 15 year old young man , in three minutes. It was awe inspiring, and terrifying at the same time. It is something I never wish for any mother to have to witness, but I am forever proud, that I did.

We left home that night, and went to family. The authorities were brought in, and he was arrested. Tho he was released on his own recognizance, there is a restraining order firmly in place for both my son and myself. I thought the worst was over. I was wrong.

Two days later, I received a call from the local ICU, informing me that he had attempted to take his own life. The hospital being unaware of the previous events, had only my name and number in his file as next of kin to contact. I was informed that his chances of survival were slim, and that if he did manage to survive, the brain damage was sure to be substantial. Once they were aware of the restraining order,  I was told they could give me no further information, as restraining orders go in both directions. To say that I felt tremendously guilty, is an understatement of epic proportions. I know, in my head, that the actions he took were of his own choosing, but my heart did not quite grasp that.

As most of you are aware, I am Bi-Polar. This is not something that I ever hide, for I do not feel that I should be ashamed of a medical condition. I had a very serious stretch of depression, following all of these events. To be expected of anyone to be sure, and for me it was a very dark, and very lonely place.

Thanks to an extremely supportive family, and some of the most amazing friends a person could ask for, I made it out of that place. I slowly began to make a new life for my son and I. Together, we learned how to go on living. It was not without change. My quilting, being a major one. In my mind, my quilting was where I went to escape from him previously. It was where I closed myself away from his hurtful words and could find peace. Now, going into that room brought back memories that were far too fresh to process. And so I closed the door, and walked away.

Over the next few months, my family often asked if I had been working on anything, and I told them I had not, that I just simply could not bring myself to do it. They told me that I should, and that I should go back to doing something that I so obviously loved doing before, and they were right, I did love it. But at the time, it still held too many bad memories, for me to be able to focus on the good ones.

In April, I was talking to a friend, who over the past few months has been a source of both support and strength for me, about my quilting. They asked me why I let him take that away from me. It was not HIS to take, it was mine. They told me to stop letting him control me, and I realized, however odd it may sound, but that is exactly what I was allowing him to do, even now. I was allowing the memories, to control me. I decided that it was time to open the door to the sewing room once again, and step inside.

It was not an instant return to normal, it took a few weeks of spending a few minutes here, and an hour there, but I slowly began getting small things accomplished. I gave my machines a well needed cleaning and maintenance. I reorganized. I made some dog crate covers for my grandmother, and some place-mats. I was started to feel that pull once again.

I will add a new post later, with photos of what I have managed to accomplish recently, but the point of this post was not to show off new finishes. The point of this post was to share my experience, in hopes that someone, perhaps in the same, or similar scenario, can find their strength through reading it.

Please remember, that emotional and verbal abuse are just that. They are abuse. Controlling behavior, is abuse. And just because they have never been physically violent, does not mean that they won’t, or can’t become that as well.

Giving Proper Credit

Here is a funny story, that just very recently got the ending it had been lacking !

Back when Jonathan first decided he wanted to make a quilt for the fair, I told him to ” look around Pinterest and see if he could find anything he liked. He came back into my room and said ” I found a couple things that looked cool”. I thought okay, great ! When asked what board he pinned them to he looked at me with that ” huh ? ” look. Needless to say he found alot of things he liked, but figured he could just tell me about them and I would find them again myself from his oh so random and vague descriptions ! * insert  silent scream of a mother *. So after 3 days of him sketching out what he thought he saw that he thought he liked, I took it to EQ and tried to duplicate his ” vision “. Recently, Joanne from  left a message on the bloggers quilt festival post for the quilt that Jonathan has entered, asking if it was inspired by her pattern “ Wandering Geese”.

Wandering Geese pattern cover

I showed him the picture of Wandering Geese and he goes” Oh yeah, that was the one I was trying to tell you about ” . So thank you Joanne, for the inspiration! Now I can finally give inspiration credit where it is most definitely due.

Playing With Prototypes

So for the past few months I have been sporadically playing around with a new pattern idea. This one was a bit tricky since it involves no repeating blocks. I also wanted it to scale well, so you could change up the size depending on what size you made the blocks. I finally got to the ” prototype” stage. As with most of my prototypes, this one is made from old sheets LOL, it makes ” practicing” alot more affordable, since I can screw up more without worrying about wasting the good stuff !

Its current name is ” A-Maze-Thing”, not sure if that will stick or not.


( don’t mind all those points that don’t match LOL, that is operator error, not pattern error LOL )

This version finishes without borders at 48 x 60.

The alternate version would finish out at 72 x 90.

So what do you think? Should this be the next Slightly Off Quilter pattern ?

Bloggers Quilt Festival – The Finish Line

This entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival is being made by my son Jonathan, for the quilt that he made this year for the county fair, and did very well with there.

Most of you that visit here have sen this one ALOT over this past summer, as I was so very tickled green with jealousy at how much nicer his points are than my own !


For those of you who have not been here before, I will give you a bit of background on this quilt !

Finished size : 72″ x 84″

The creator of this quilt is my 15 year old son Jonathan.

His love of all things muscle car is something that could only have come from my father, but here is the thing. My father passed away 8 years BEFORE my son was born. It is my firm belief that my father comes and whispers to him in his sleep about all things automotive !

The only work that I ( Mom ) did on this quilt, was to learn how to use my digitizing software so that I could create the files for the machine embroidery.

The points on this quilt are an ongoing rivalry in our household. He is very quilt to remind me, that his points are better than mine !

Bloggers Quilt Festival – Gargantuan

Since my son will be using my second entry to enter HIS quilt, I decided to  enter this beauty into the ” Home Machine Quilted ” section !


” Gargantuan “

Finished Size : 90″ x 105 “

This is by FAR the largest quilt I have ever done. This was also the first quilt that I ever attempted feathers on !

It was made by quilting each individual block and then joining them together with faux sashing.Since each block was constructed and quilted separately, it allowed me to make this reversible. The solid squares on one side, are pieced on the opposite.

Bloggers Quilt Festival – Fall 2014

It’s that time again ! Bloggers Quilt Festival – fall 2014 has begun and I am sooo excited to be participating once again !

In case you have not heard about it, check it out here !
Now to narrow down my two choices to enter for this go around … hmmm, which quilts will make the cut ? !
Stay tuned to find out !!!

Etsy Here I Come !

Well, I have finally gotten around to getting my quilt pattern set up for sale in my Etsy Store !

While I was at it, I decided to put some of my latest finishes up for sale as well !

** Fingers Crossed **

Summertime Blues





Beading Right Along





Ring Around The Rosey





Ready For Arrival

I am all ready for the arrival of my newest nephew next month ! My brother and his girlfriend are expecting a little boy in November and his quilt is ready and waiting for him ! The baby shower is this weekend, but mom to be has already seen it , so I am safe to show it off !


I finally got to use the fabric I picked up at the quilt show last year !


I love how these colors go together !


I quilted it using Maxi-Lock Swirl thread ( OMG I used serger thread to quilt with ! The horror ! )


I also made up a cute bib using the leftover pieces from the quilt ! He is sure to be one coordinated baby !

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