Hi ! My name is Tina, and I AM the Slightly Off Quilter ! I have been quilting since 2012 and from the moment I started I have never looked back ! it was like I had finally found that ONE THING I was meant to be doing all along.

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The Finish Line !

I am SOOOO excited to be able to show you Jonathan’s finished quilt ! He put the final stitches in the binding tonight ! We did have to wash it since he used 505 to spray baste and we had… Continue reading

Breaking In The Sewing Room

I guess I can say that the new sewing room has officially been broken in. I finished my first quilt top in my new room tonight. Mind you it still needs to be basted and quilted, but the top is… Continue reading

The Cats Meow

My mother called me last month, and asked if I could make a wall hanging for her mother-in-law. I have never met Bev personally, but I know my mother loves her. She is a resident in the same nursing home… Continue reading

Pixel Perfection

A few months ago, I posted about a wonderful lady, Knitette (aka Eileen from Scotland), from the Quilting Board who was in need of a Mine Craft pattern for a quilt for her grandson. Well today I got to see… Continue reading

Better Late Than Perfect

Well, so much has happened since the last time I posted ! We found a new place to move, and so began the chaos that is packing, moving, and unpacking ! We only moved about 5 minutes away from our… Continue reading

Sweet, Sweet, Summer Time

The oh so sweet and yummy watermelon panel tablecloth has been delivered to its rightful home on my grandmothers dining room table !

Thought I normally hate using a light colored binding on ANYTHING, since she requested it, I did… Continue reading

Just Like Potato Chips…

So last night I decided to try making a 10 minute block using 4 1/2 inch squares. Well, as the title says, I could NOT make just ONE ! I took the blocks a step further and made them into… Continue reading

As Fate Would Have It

Common sense would tell you that you should NEVER, get a new pet while in the process of trying to pack up your home to move right ? Well, common sense took a back seat to fate a few days… Continue reading

Playing on Sunday

So I woke up rather early this morning, a few hours before anyone else in the house, so I decided that instead of packing, like I SHOULD be doing, I was going to play in my sewing room instead !… Continue reading

Vroom Vroom

Jonathan put the final stitches in his quilt top tonight. This is the quilt he has been working on for the County Fair this year, and I have to say, if I was not proud and jealous of him before,… Continue reading

How Revealing !

Do you remember, back in May, when I had the top secret project for my mothers birthday quilt ? Well guess what ? She got it recently and LOVES it ! So that means now I can show it off… Continue reading

Charging Ahead

First, I would like to thank you all for the amazing support and comfort you have given me over the loss of our dear Gracie. Her loss is still very raw, as I imagine it will be for a while,… Continue reading

Half and Half Day

Have you ever had a half and half day ? Where something very exciting happens, and then something tragic happens all on the same day ? That is the kind of day that Saturday was for the Slightly Off household.… Continue reading

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