Hi ! My name is Tina, and I AM the Slightly Off Quilter ! I have been quilting since 2012 and from the moment I started I have never looked back ! it was like I had finally found that ONE THING I was meant to be doing all along.

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All Spread Out !

Since we were having such warm weather here this past week, I took the opportunity to spread out my gargantuan quilt that I recently finished for my bed so that I could get some nice pics of it in the… Continue reading

Big Boy Toys !

Big Boy Toys is the theme for one my current projects ! In case there was any doubt, this quilt is 100% testosterone friendly ! I used the Shadowbox pattern from Mountain Creek Creations for this one and I have… Continue reading

Thinking Inside The Block

I recently posted about my former fear of feathers. Free Motion Feathers to be more specific. These things terrified me ! I have taken numerous classes, watched a million and one videos and still, just could NOT make feathers that… Continue reading

Quilting Plans

We have all been there. In that moment when the quilt is ready to be quilted, and you have NO clue HOW you want to quilt it. Have you been there ? I know I have !

Sometimes, you get… Continue reading


Hello, my name is Tina, and I used to have Pteronophobia.

In case you are not aware of what that large 5 dollar word means, it is a phobia that I think alot of quilters start out with. It is… Continue reading

Found My Groove !

Well, now that the unpacking and school planning are done and out of the way, I have finally found my quilting groove once more ! Not only have I found it, but it may have grown while it was missing… Continue reading

What do you mean its August ?!

Those were my exact thoughts the other day as I looked at my calendar.  Around here August means getting things ready for school. Since we home school, getting things ready for school takes on a life of its own.… Continue reading

Ready To Go !

I am all ready to head to the post office later this morning to send out two very special packages !

The larger box is headed to my mom in New Hampshire with the quilt and wall hanging for my… Continue reading

The Perks Of Having A Yard

One of the perks of our new home, besides my newer, larger sewing room, is our fantastic new yard ! The downstairs neighbor is a fantastic landscaper and keeps the yard looking superb. This is awesome for me because it… Continue reading

A Clean Room …

… means your not working on enough projects at the same time !

My formerly clean room is now looking like it normally does ! That pile you see there is my drawer of 2 1/2 inch strips thrown all… Continue reading

The Finish Line !

I am SOOOO excited to be able to show you Jonathan’s finished quilt ! He put the final stitches in the binding tonight ! We did have to wash it since he used 505 to spray baste and we had… Continue reading

Breaking In The Sewing Room

I guess I can say that the new sewing room has officially been broken in. I finished my first quilt top in my new room tonight. Mind you it still needs to be basted and quilted, but the top is… Continue reading

The Cats Meow

My mother called me last month, and asked if I could make a wall hanging for her mother-in-law. I have never met Bev personally, but I know my mother loves her. She is a resident in the same nursing home… Continue reading

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