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I was so excited to see the Bloggers Quilt Festival was starting today that I decided to toss in my hat and show off along with all of the other amazing quilt bloggers ! The rules say you can enter up to two quilts in the festival so I had to take a look back and see which two I thought were worthy of being entered. I decided on All Around Rainbow as my first entry in the ROYGBIV Category !
This quilt was made for my cousins son Matthew for his first birthday. I was experimenting with making an entire quilt out of nothing but triangles. I LOVE the results. It was one of my most interesting patterns and I was so pleased with the results. I stippled the white areas and stitched in the ditch around the colored area so that after it was washed those rainbow lines really popped and gave it some amazing dimension.

The name was appliqued by hand as was the border / binding. That was another thing I tried with this quilt. I had miscalculated my binding requirement and ended up not having enough of the fabric I was going to use for the binding. Now originally I had planned on having a 3 inch border around the outside in the solid colors so I decided to use the border as both border AND binding ! I trimmed back the batting and backing 1 inch and then folded the border over 1/2 an inch then pulled it over to the back and hand stitched just as I would have for a regular binding. The results looked fantastic and I found this to be a fantastic way to finish !

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